Hey-o Portfolio!

Self Promotion

Landry L. Blume — Portfolio Cover

I am exceptionally proud to share my latest portfolio with you. It’s filled with my previous works for clients like CBS, Girl Scouts, Papyrus, PBS, and Target. It’s just over ten pages (including covers) of logos, branding, marketing and photographs that I think you’ll enjoy. Take a look and drop me a word if you see something you like.

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Self Promotion

Hello landry.graphicsHello

Hello is a little poster that I designed referencing the debut of the Apple Macintosh in 1984. I think it serves as a cute reminder of how far we’ve come since the earliest days of living with computers. I have been living with and using computers since I was about four years old, around the time ‘the Mac’ was introduced, and it’s how we all now say, “Hello.”

I’m Landry, a designer and photographer.

And since we’ve been properly introduced. I am currently accepting new requests for graphic design, logo creation or photography jobs. I’ve recently posted my resume (CV) online and you can view and/or download it here or with the link below.



Oh and if you’re on LinkedIn, hit me up. Thanks!

— Landry

Steal like this book.


Steal Like An Artist coverAustin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist

I’m trying to put this book into practice a lot more lately. Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) does a great job of simplifying the creative process act of stealing. Creatively you might beg, “borrow” or steal, but after this read you’ll feel like a pro about it. I just picked up second copy on iBooks. Originally I borrowed a copy, only later to purchased a brand new one from Powell’s Books to keep forever. Thanks Austin, I show people your book any chance I get.

— Landry

Beetle Pro

Beetle Pro by Mokaine
Beetle Pro by Mokaine

My new website uses Mokaine’s Beetle Pro.

A powerful WordPress Theme for Designers, Photographers and Storytellers.

You can try a demo version here.

Picture Equality

Illustration, LGBTQ+

Picture Equality was originally designed June 27, 2013 in the wake of the United States Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA. It has since been redesigned to focus on the continuing struggle for equality and LGBTQ+ civil rights. Originally predating the Instagram logo redesign in 2016 by several years. To me, it is a reminder that we can never take our personal freedoms, a more fair and just society, and our cherished loved ones for granted.

If you too support diversity, equality and the LGBTQ+ community, I urge you to donate to the ACLU. Thank you!